What are Facebooks Ads ?

It almost certain that you have noticed the ads that are being displayed on the right hand-side of your Facebook page. Did you ever notice how relevant they were ?? There certainly isn’t any coincidence in the fact that those ads were for products that YOU were interested in (purses, shoes, a travel destination…). Are you wondering how that is possible ?
You are about to find out how Facebook ads work but especially how the advertisers reach you directly and precisely.

Where exactly can I find Facebook Ads ?

Facebook advertising is located on the right hand-side bar of your Facbeook Home page ? Of your profile or of Fan Pages. At times you will see the word « sponsored » atop the ads, this gives you an indication of the nature of the link ; « sponsored links ». Sponsored links are links rerouting you the advertiser’s website or to his Facebook Fan page.

The ad Creation Process

An ad is made of a title, a description and an image. However, certain rules have to be abided by:

1 – The title – Holds a maximum of 25 characters, including spaces

2 – The image/photo – The reglementary size is 99 x 72 pixels

3 – The description – Holds a maximum of 90 characters, including spaces

Beneath the description you will find a « Like » link or a « so and so has liked this XYZ page » link. To remove a particular ad from your side bar, click on The X in the top right corner. Removing this ad will trigger a quick question from Facebook to evaluate the quality of the Facebook ad and survey the reason why you want to remove this ad. It informs Facebook on what to and to show you in the future.

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