Optimize Your Facebook Campaigns

Step 1: Creating Your Ads 
  • Images need to be easily identifiable and understandable. Use colors, portraits, attractive product pictures. Stay away from logos and text, they aren’t very visible and not well received by Facebook users.
  • The body of your ad should also draw the reader’s attention. The content will be one of the thing to “make it or break it”. Announcing a prize win can be very attractive, for example. Calls to action such as « click here » or “act now!” have a high yield.
  • Make sure that the content of your ad matches the content of the page to which it reroutes the user to.
  • For any given campaign, always suggest 2 different creatives. Your best strategy is to test 5 or 6 different images and observe in time, which performs best. You will then be able to push the successful ones and stop the non-performing others.

The image catches the attention and the body of the ad converts 

Step 2: Targeting  - The Foundation of Optimized Campaigns 
  • Make sure that all of your campaigns have a well-defined and accurate target
  • Keep in mind that your target should always count anywhere between 100,000 and 500,000 users
  • Target a specific country and make sure you communicate in the language(s) spoken in the country (Sounds obvious but you’d be surprised !…) . Also, do not assume that the interests are the same in other countries. Facebook pages are usually very different from one country to another.
Step 3: Synchronize Your Ads with Facebook 
  • Plan to spend at least 1 Euro per ad. If you have created 100 ads, spend at least 100 Euros daily for this campaign.
  • The idea is to position yourself in the highest bidders during the first 24 hours, in order to guarantee your ads will be displayed.
  • Remember to regularly (every 7 to 10 days) « refresh » your campaigns : Re-start them or even better, test new creatives and new formats to keep your audience’s attention.
  • After a while, once you have « recruited » a decent amount of fans to your page, consider using Sponsored Stories. Sponsored Stories will allow you to reach your target’s friends. For example : « John X likes Page Y » will be displayed on John X’s friends’ home pages. Watch viral in action !

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